how to apply blush

How To Apply Blush USA 2023

How to apply blush?

Blush is one of the most important things if you want a youthful glow but it is very difficult to know their application but it’s very challenging to know exactly how to make it look best on a unique face so it would complement your face and you will look better which works well for your skin

Apply your Foundation before your blush….

To get the best result first you have to wash your face then apply cream or moisturizers  and then apply primer after that  apply foundation and concealer then apply blush and apply remaining makeup in order to get a balanced look you have to apply one by one in the right order

how to apply blush

How to apply powder brush?

If you are using powder blush just take a medium-sized fluffy brush and then tap it to remove any excess  blush and then blend it well apply a little amount at the start because some blushes are highly pigmented otherwise you will get high pigment in one swipe

how to apply blush

How to apply liquid brush?

If you are using liquid blush then you can apply with your hand just use your figure or any sponge and then dab slowly to get a natural look.

Important Tip:

If you have applied excessive blush then don’t use a brush to soften up instead of using tissue otherwise your face will look dull just hold a tissue against your face and then dab to remove excessive blush from your cheeks

Heart shape

If your cheekbones and chin are narrow with a prominent face then you likely have a heart shape Apply blush in a “C” shape from the top of the temple down to the cheekbone apply to use more product on cheekbones and go to the upward direction

how to apply blush

Round face

If your face covers the fullest part and if  you have a curved jawline so you got a round face to apply blush on a round face-first smile and then apply blush at the apple of your cheeks you can use a medium-sized foundation brush and start applying from head to cheeks

how to apply blush

Oval faces

If your forehead and chin are narrow then your is oval shape just take a medium size brush and using soft strokes just apply from your cheeks to blend up towards the temple.

how to apply blush

Square face

If your face got a straight side just apply blush from the   cheekbone to the corner of the brow to the hairline starting from low to moving upward

how to apply blush

Oblong face

if your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are in the same width then you have a most likely  oblong shape apply your blush in a curved line from the top of your head to your cheekbone

For Fair Skin:

you should go for natural-looking blushes just like rosy pinky, peach, and light pink which gives natural look and gives a beautiful look.

Medium Skin Tone

For Medium skin tone use peachy and apricot color which helps to give more depth and provide a great look


If you got olive skin apply natural flush or bronze which helps to add more brightening  

Dark Complexion

If you got a dark complexion then go with a bright tangerine blush which helps to add shine and a natural look.

 Normal To Oily Skin

If you have oily and normal skin then you should go for powder blush it helps to mattifying finish and it will stay long.

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