Best Technique To Use Eye Shadow Palette USA 2023

Why we use eye shadow?

Eye Shadow add depth and dimension to your eyes make your eyes appear larger and prominent there are many brands of eye shadows are available in the market which comes in a variety of many different colors and textures It is usually made from a powder but can also be found in liquid, cream, pencil.

Why is eye makeup important?

If you want to get a prominent and appealing look then you cannot ignore the importance of eye makeup it can grab the attention of others and make your look more versatile and enhancing.

Why is eye shadow be attractive?

The more contrast you add the more attractive you look eye shadow enhance your look and add more depth in order to make your look more attractive.

What does eye shadow mean?

A powder and creamy formula that is applied to the eyelids to make you look more beautiful and attractive

Can we apply eye shadow as blush?

Eye shadow can be used as a highlighter and blush most eye shadows are really pigmented so be gentle with your brush and makes sure you don’t apply too much product.

Is eye shadow safe for eyes?

Eye shadow can harm your vision so just be careful about removing eye makeup removing your makeup at night is more important than applying them each morning.

Do I Need to Use an Eye Shadow Primer?

Some woman use foundation or concealer as an eye shadow base and find it works well but foundation usually help makeup application to become more smoother and evener but eye primer ensures eye shadow stick to to the eyelid, stay in place, and stop creasing


Prep Eyelid: 

Eye shadow primer prep your eyes and it creates a smooth canvas for applying eye shadow and ensures its long-wearing application.

Even Skin Tone:

Eye shadow primer even skin tone and helpful for those with darkened or discolored eyelids its helps to cover up uneven skin and make even skin tone for better application

Stop Creasing:

Eye primer is useful to stop creasing and smudging in case of hot weather your eye shadow will stay up too long hours without fading.

Increase Intensity:

Eye primer prominent eye shadows especially lighter eye shadows primer can help you achieve more color and make your look more vibrant.

How to Apply Eye shadow Primer?

Take a small amount of eye shadow primer onto the entire lid with your fingertips, blending up and out toward the brow.

Use a brush to blend out evenly

Let the eye shadow primer set for a minute and then apply eye shadow.

Do You Really Need Eye shadow Primer?

Not really if you’re on a strict budget and don’t want to use extra products to your face so eye primer can be your luxury rather than a necessity not everyone needs eye shadow primer but if your lids get oily throughout the day and your eye shadow crease or doesn’t last so you need eye shadow primer for better application

Good tools for Applying Eye Shadow

  • A blending brush is required in order to create seamless look.
  • A flat dense brush is required to hold more color
  • A spare brush is required if you want to apply multiple color.

Choose your eye shadow is difficult?

Choosing an eye shadow shade that actually works for you is difficult because there are thousands of different colors are available and fortunately, you can choose eye color, skin tone, and hair color and find the perfect shade to complete your look and complement you

Use lighter for blue eyes:

Use lighter shades if your eye color are blue use neutral tones like coral, champagne, or a gray-brown that will work best using darker shades distract from your eyes rather than enhance them

Smoky color for gray eyes:

Gray eyes are similar to hazel so for that use smoky shades like grays or silvery blues that will help to pop up the natural color of your eyes rather than changing its color try to use a darker eyeliner to draw more focus to the gray.

Using muted colors for green eyes.

To stand out green eyes muted colors are really helpful to draw attention to their natural sparkle.

Use metallic shades for hazel eyes:

Natural hazel shades of bronze, gold, or deeper pinks like a dusty rose work best and enhance natural eye look without changing them.

Use contrasting colors for brown eyes:

Almost every color works with brown eye but colors like a coppery gold, or a reddish brown, purple work wells and enhance natural look.

Use neutral colors for warm skin tones:

Use colors like bronze, light pink, coral, or light green will help to enhance your natural look.

Use silvery and blue colors for cool skin tones

Use colors like silver, teal, lilac, or gray if you have a cool skin tone

Use everything with neutral skin tone:

Those with neutral skin tones can try every color so pick up a color which you really like there is no hard and fast rule.

Avoid ashy color for darker skin:

Use violet, ruby and jewel tones which appear more muted on darker skin and last longer

 Don’t use dark grays for fairer skin:

Use softer pastels like lilac, rose, or baby blue these colors pop up your look and give a bright effect.

How To Select the right brushes?

 You need eye-shadow brush of size of a fingertip, and a smaller shadow brush for smudging and blending of eye color there are multiple good brushes are available I have shared some brushes you can easily use  these brushes

  • IT Cosmetics Airbrush Blending Crease Brush.

  • Sigma Beauty E30 Pencil Brush.

  • Sigma Beauty E55 Eye Shading Brush.
  • e.l.f. Crease Brush.

What makes a good eye shadow brush?

Most brushes are made from the finest high-class, quality materials for smooth and flawless application but when you can determine its quality by looking at its soft bristles which should be held by a secure metal to prevent it from shedding.

Do you put eye shadow under your eye?

Yes you can put eye shadow under your eyes lining eye shadow under eyes create a softer definition than probably  you would get with a typical line

How do you know if eye shadow is good quality?

The Shades Are Highly Pigmented

Most eye shadow are really pigmented and vibrant but that doesn’t show its quality so don’t be fooled by looking at its pigment try to test on your eyes and check whether it is showing pigments on your eyes or not

Multiple color for achieving multiple looks

A good palette contains shades for all three parts of your eyes for brow bone, crease and lid but if your palette doesn’t contain multiple options then you will not get multiple looks having multiple shades in your palette is a bonus.

Check your palette Value Money or not:

You get what you pay for if you get 35 shades at $15 then probably you are getting low-quality eye shadow but if you get 15 shades at $35 then probably you get good eye shadow.

What is the best eye shadow for mature eyes?

The best eye shadow for mature eyes should be creamy formula it’s a good idea to use creamy products with powder formulas to avoid any creasing.

Who has the best eye shadow formula?

There are multiple good brands area available in the market but when we talk about good eye shadow there are multiple options are available in the market Urban Decay, Sephora, Natasha Denona, e.i.f, Huda, and may others one thing keep in your mind while choosing eye shadow it should contain multiple colors which will really help to create multiple looks for different occasions and also you will get value for money.

Do you put eyeliner or eye shadow on first?

When it comes to eye shadow it’s best to start with eye shadow, then move on to your eyeliner.

Can I apply eye shadow with my fingers?

Yes, you can especially with your ring finger. After coating your ring finger in pigment apply it on the lid or where you want color then blend it with your middle figure.


  • Apply eye shadow primer if you want a fine crease free look
  • Know transition shades                                                   
  • Add dimensions
  • Use soft bristle brush for blending and use two brushes if you are applying multiple shades.
  • Don’t rub eye shadow
  • Use good mascara
  • Don’t wear cheap and heavy fake lashes.

Do you put dark eye shadow first?

Use lighter shades first and then go to the darkest shades using lighter shades will make it easier for you to blend the darker shade later

How can I make my eyes look beautiful?

Apply mascara curl your eyelashes use mascara instead of lashes find out perfect eyeliner which matches your look and use a good eye shadow palette that is highly pigmented

What is the point of eye shadow?

Eye shadow enhances your look and complement your makeup look you can create multiple looks by using eye shadows it adds more depth and dimension into your eye look and  simply draw attention to the eyes

                 Best Eye Shadow Palette 2021

Maybelline New York The Matte Bar Eyeshadow Palette, 300 THE MATTE BAR, 1 Count

10 matte-finish shades that achieve  is perfect for creating versatile eye makeup looks it defines your eyes and give you a high pigment formula  Available in a variety of finishes  you can create  looks as you want when comes to its application this palette is easy to apply

COVERGIRL Trunaked Eyeshadow Palette, Roses 815, 0.23 Ounce (Packaging May Vary), Pack of 1

Intensely pigmented eye shadow palette features a stunning range of neutral shades to master you can create any versatile look 8 shades of perfectly matched nudes including glitter eye shadow, matte eye shadow, and shimmer eye shadow From subtle daytime looks to dramatic, smoky evening styles, our eye shadow palettes and kits

LORAC Unzipped Gold Shimmer & Matte Eye Shadow Palette

 10 ultra-rich, shimmering & matte shadows in a universally flattering color range this eye shadow palette comes with a mini Behind The Scenes Eye Primer for long-lasting color 

Wet n wild Color Icon Eye shadow 10 Pan Palette, Nude Awakening

The wet n wild Color Icon Eye shadow Palette with 10 pigment-rich shades, lets you create subtle, shimmering, or sultry looks. Powerfully pigmented, buttery-soft, glides so smoothly and appears flawless.

LORAC PRO Matte Eye Shadow Palette

LORAC Pro consists of 8 matte shades. The velvety-smooth shadows are infused with soothing botanicals and are ultra-pigmented to perform wet or dry it is really gentle and provides smooth applications without giving heavy look and sacrificing healthy skin.

Revlon Color Stay Looks Book Eyeshadow Palette, Longwear Vibrant Eye Colors in Mix of Shimmer, Matte and Metallic Finish, Original (900), 3.4 oz

A high-pigment eye shadow palette with a range of finishes shimmer, matte, satin, and metallic all these color are smooth, silky and bendable that goes so smoothly your eyes will look vibrant for up to 24 hours this Original, a nude eye shadow palette; Insider, a matte eye shadow palette of nudes and purples palette has eight shades that look perfect together this palette provide high-quality, high-pigment, bold color makeup you need to be yourself you can create any look of your desire.

SHANY Natural Fusion – 88 Color Eye shadow Palette – Nude

Makeup set with a spectrum of 88 nude colors for a natural look 11 rows of highly pigmented colors include 29 matte shadows and 59 ultra-shimmer tones all these colors are easily bendable and smooth to apply The colors available in oranges, browns, and purples can be mixed and matched on the lid and darker hues in corners and crease of eyes

e.l.f. Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette, 10 shades, Sunset, 0.49 Ounce

This palette contains ten silky powder shadows that glide so smoothly on the lid these shimmery shades are perfect for shading, highlighting, and defining eyes This richly-pigmented formula lets you customize your look for beautiful, lasting results you can apply these color wet and dry form

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